Sunday, September 14, 2014

The Worst Units in 40k #4 - Deathwing Failinators

Next up on our journey of shit is the #4 worst unit in 40k.

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This guy LOOKS so badass.  Too bad you're about to roll a 1

Deathwing Terminators

Why They Stink

  • High point cost
  • T4
  • 1 W
  • Can only be taken as troops with an expensive character.
  • Are a Terminator
  • Bolters
  • Bolt Pistols
  • Lascannons
  • Melta Guns
  • Plasma Guns
  • Monstrous Creatures
  • Power Fists, Axes, etc
  • A squad Eldar
How to Make Them Not Stink
  • Give them another wound
  • Make them toughness 5
  • Allow each of them to take a heavy weapon
  • Lower the point cost to 25 or 30
So according the Games Workshop, the most celebrated 1st company of Space Marines in the galaxy warrants a stat line of a basic Space Marine sergeant with a 2+ armor save.  Oh and they need to cost over 50% more than the basic Space Marine sergeant.  The Deathwing suffer the same problems that all Terminators face.  They are extremely over costed for the damage they are able to put out.  Yes Deathwing have some tricks that regular Terminators don't have such as the ability to Deep Strike turn 1 and being twin-linked the turn they arrive.  Does that make them any more viable in the world of intercepting plasma guns and rending Eldar Guardians?  Not really.  The 2+ armor save means nothing when you have to make 10 armor saves since bolters wound you on a 4+.  A basic squad of these shitheads will cost you 220 points.  That's right.  Five T4 1W models with Storm Bolters cost as much as 40 Imperial Guardsmen.  Who do you think will win that shoot out?  Ok, let's give them Storm Shields and Thunder Hammers for the bargain price of 49 points per model.  How many 1's and 2's are you going to roll when you're blasted in the face by the Tau long before you even get close to an assault.  No matter how you slice that shit apple there is no good reason to ever, EVER, take Deathwing Terminators.  EEEEEEEEVVVVVVVVEEEEEEEERRRRRRRRRRRRR!!! Aaghhghg!!!!

Tune in tomorrow evening for the 3rd shittiest unit in 40k!

Cya nut sacks!

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Coddswallop said...

Wait, deathwing terminators only come in at #4? What kind of amazing crap-tastic units make up the top 3?

Deathwing terminators make the mistake of taking a unit that is already over priced. And then slapping on some special rules that don't help that much, and charging you more for them.

What could be in the top 3? Bezekers? Sister repentia? Dark Apostles? Deathwing Knights? Warp Talons?