Saturday, September 13, 2014

The Worst Units in 40k #5 - Dark Angels Nephilim Failfighter

As promised, here is #5 in the top 5 most failtastic units in Warhammer 40k. These units make Mandrakes look the a friggin Riptide.  Please not that these piles of shit are the worst units in MY OPINION ONLY, which means it should be considered official canon in the 40k fluff.

Enough talk,  ON TO THE FAIL!

Nephilim Jetfighter

Why They Stink

  • Extremely point expensive
  • Too many points
  • Point cost prohibitive.
  • Only Anti-Air unit in the codex but doesn't really have any anti-air fire power.
  • Immobilizing a flier no longer vector locks them.  So much for Unrelenting Hunter.
  • They cost too many points.
  • Fliers
  • Any S 7 anti-air units (all of them)
  • Point Cost
How to Make Them Not Stink
  • Lower their point cost
  • Give them weapons that will actually damage enemy fliers (more than S6) and flying Monstrous Creatures (more than AP4).
Do you get that I feel they cost too many points?  I didn't want to make it too obvious but I feel I might not have stressed the fact that they COST TOO MANY POINTS.  Ask yourself an honest questions.  When is the last time you saw one of these fielded?  No the 12 year old kid who goes to game night with his dad doesn't count.  I think Frontline Gaming has had the same model in stock since they opened their doors.  The friggin Wood Elves sold faster than that piece of crap.  Yes, it has a twin-linked lascannon.  You know who also has a twin-linked lascannon?  A Vendetta.  They have three, and are armor 12.  They cost the same amount of points.  Which one would you rather have.  They are slightly better against ground targets because of straffing run but their two S6 AP4 Blacksword Missile shots and five S6 4 Avenger Mega Bolter shots ain't going to do too much.  If they were costed closer to the Storm Talon and could switch out their twin-linked Heavy Bolter with another twin-linked lascannon I would be all over that sum bitch like eggs on bacon! 

Tune in tomorrow night as the fail train continues on!

1 comment:

Son of Dorn said...

I always thought unrelenting hunter let you swap WEAPON DESTROYED for IMMOBILIZED, to which you could add a +1 bonus for AP2 Lascannon to get a Destroyed result. Seemed like the way it was intended to work to me.

It's cost is also weird in that it's so much more than a Stormtalon, but it does have higher armor and another hull point. I guess it must have made sense to them at the time.

I'm just a big fan of the model. I use one as a counts-as Stormtalon in my Imperial Fists army. Here's hoping they get a worthwhile update next go-around and we see them around some more :)