Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Busy Busy Busy

Sorry for the lack of updates over the, oh, last month or so as I've been rather busy since July.  First and foremost I have been enrolled in a TESOL course that has basically taken all of the free time I have when I'm not teacher little Korean kids the correct spelling of 'horse'.  Other than that I have been busy on the gaming front in that I've started a new Fantasy army -Dwarfs- and have been busy converting my beloved Black Templars into Blood Angels (for cries of 'power gamer!' please take a number and join the line to the left.)  On side note I've grown a beard in honor of both of these new armies...think about'll get the joke eventually.  I promise promise promise that I will post pics of some of the new models as well as tentative army lists later this week.  With that I will leave you with the best dwarf video ever made.  Fare Thee Well.


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