Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving!

From my heart to your face, HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

On a side note, my friend Reece and co have a Kick Starter project that just completely funded within two days of opening.  Their product is Mega Mat! and it will really make gaming at home a better experience both practically and visually.  I saw the prototypes up close and I actually thought they had re-done the tables in the store before realizing they were the mats.  THATS REAL TALK, SON.

Check them out and help reach their stretch goals.  I personally put in for a future 6'x4' release when (hopefully) they unlock their 'Alpine' mat.  I've always wanted a snow themed table for some reason so this would go a long way in making it happen.  I think the guys are on to something here and I wish them all the luck.

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