Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Something's Stirring in the Jungle

No, that title's not a euphemism I use when asking my fiance to have 'relations' , though it most likely will be from now on.  I'm actually going to give Warhammer Fantasy a start again, which I even find surprising.  Let me throw it down for you.  Two years ago I was still plugging along with 8th edition Fantasy while just getting back into 40k. I had just found a new gaming group in the East Bay, and being new to the area found myself really enjoying their laid back attitude towards the game.  Then I played in my first competitive Fantasy tournament and got tabled by a 14 year old Skaven player in two turns.  Into the closet went my Dwarves and they stayed there for a year before I sold them to buy a gun line Imperial Guard army (because that was totally unique in the 5th edition).

Honesty, I haven't given Warhammer Fantasy more than a thought since then.  Sure, I would see the Fantasy gamers now and again at tournaments and stuff but the old feelings of the overpowered nature of the magic phase for certain armies and the ability to throw a ton of dice to remove entire units (Teclis and Slann come to mind) really turned me off the game.  However, new codicies began to come out and I would hear more and more about the balancing of the 8th edition.  Then, Reece Robbins at Frontline gaming announced a Fantasy escalation league designed to get people slowly into the game.  You can check out the details here.  The long and short of the league is that we will begin at 500 points.  Your models must be painted and you must play a certain amount of games in the allotted time.  Perfect for people just getting into the game (or back into the game!).  Lucky enough for me, I came into a good amount of Lizardmen models about a year ago and lo and behold a new Lizardmen codex just gets released.  Talk about fortuitous kick to the nuts! (If you like that sort of thing).  I just picked up the new codex and a couple models from Frontline after work today and I'm already thinking about lists and nut kicking combos!  We'll see how I balance this with my 40k duties, especially with the new Space Marine codex coming out.  I'll also try and post progress shots of my first 500 points.  So that's it, you can get back to looking at pictures of cats or Japanese nut kicking porn (If you like that sort of thing).

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Crispy said...

Looking forward to seeing these Lizardmen. I've been tempted to get some myself!