Thursday, April 18, 2013

Why BOLS sucks more than your mom (A Rant in A Minor)

Not able to leave a critical comment on BOLS? It’s more likely than you may think.  Would you like to know more?

I think most people who have the faculty of both their eyes and half of their brain know that the infamous war gaming blog Bell of Lost Souls has become synonymous with poor writing and non-existent editing.  Every other post is now either a loosely veiled advertisement (Man Boy Genius) or one of four writers reviewing the same blog at the same time.  I honestly think that the only reason I still visit the site is to get my blood pressure up in order to concern my doctor.  I’ll give a few more dollars to Larry Vela in order to get ideas for my own blog, and hey, he needs to feed his family, too.  Above all of the advertisements and incoherent, borderline unintelligibly written articles there is one contributor who fully and completely activates my nerd rage.  He goes by the name of Mercer.  I think my biggest complaint about Mercer is that his articles always feel like they were written 5 minutes before the deadline.  I can image him waking up hung-over, a slight stubble growing across his neck.  He scratches his belly and looks around at the devastation he caused in his studio apartment.  He slowly becomes aware that it is Tuesday, and his article for BOLS is due in 5 minutes.  He walks to the computer on his milk carton desk and quickly posts a picture of a yellow rhino and a blue rhino.  He then writes a line of text under the pictures that reads ‘so what do you like better, yellow or blue?’  He submits his article and gets 10,000 views. 

While the above story is entirely fictional, and perhaps a bit harsh (I’m sure Mercer is a nice guy in real life) the article he posted is basically an article he posted on BOLS a couple months ago verbatim.  It’s this type of lazy bullshit that gets me so irritated with Larry Vela.  He makes a great deal of money on his website, and with the amount of people that regularly read the website (myself included) you would think he gives more of a shit in regards to what is posted on his website.  You have four authors writing the same review for the Deamon codex!  Larry, I’m going to give you a quick editing trick and I won’t charge you a cent for it.  PLAN YOUR CONTENT EVERY MONTH!  Don’t just pick people you like to write articles and then give them a hard deadline.  You have a responsibility to give a fuck.  People give you money by visiting your site.  Maybe, for once, pretend you care about them and stop posting bullshit advertisements for Man Boy Genius and half assed reviews that read like a high school freshman’s first review of Moby Dick.

It also appears that BOLS now moderates comments that might be critical of their writers.  This morning during my morning cup of coffee, I read Mercer’s article Flesh Hounds vs. Seekers.  Here is an example of the fine writing I’ve come to expect,

“Ok I lie about the Seekers, I do not think they are that interesting. I think they are ok so don't get me wrong, just I see the internet saying how awesome they are and not a lot of people seem to give the Flesh Hounds a second thought.

If anyone can break this down into English, please do so for me.  After leaving a comment to the effect that they should edit their posts, I was notified the comment was awaiting approval.  This is the first time this has happened to me, so  I looked at every other comment in the article.  Not one negative comment!  That’s very impressive; I cannot image not ONE person leaving a comment regarding the horrendous grammar and spelling mistakes, or at the very least commenting on the weak review of the models themselves.  The only explanation is that not one comment that was critical of Mercer was allowed to be posted.  Bravo, Mr. Vela.  If you can’t find competent writers or editors you might as well artificially make them appear to be competent by not allowing legitimate criticisms to be voiced.


Anonymous said...

Adblocker. 0 money for Larry.

Also, he is the worst offender of the site now.

Shawn OLeary said...

Hey, just seeing this as I was searching to see if anyone else had any problems with BOLS. I was banned from commenting on the site because someone asked about getting rid of all the adds, and I suggested AdBlocker. Boom. Instantly banned. And, conveniently enough, there is no way that I am aware of to contact any of the Moderators to discuss this with them. You can add this BS to the rest of BoLS poor quality. I'd love to give Larry Vela and Adam Harry by 2 cents for sure. Any ideas how I can fix this?