Friday, May 7, 2010

Forget about it nerd, this is Ork Town

Greetings gentle reader, it is I Jason again with my bi-monthly blog update.  Let me begin by posing a question, a querry if you will.  What do you do if you make the unwise decision to leave your home, friends, and family to move to South Korea to teach English to 12 year olds that hate everything about the language?  What do you do if you are enlisted in the 3rd Army Division and are suddenly based half a world away in a foreign country with foreign food and a foreign language?  Worst, what do you do if this happens to you and you are a gamer?  Give up your hobby for a year...two..maybe three? 

Well, have no fear drunken reader, there is salvation at the end of the tunnel.  Salvation that goes by the name of Ork Town.  Ork Town is THE ONLY place to buy miniatures in South Korea.  Not only can you buy miniatures from all of the majore gaming companies (i.e Games Workshop, Privateer Press, Battlefront) as well as numerous miniatures for smaller games(i.e Black Powder, Imjin War).

Ork Town boasts an impressive amount of gaming space incuding 4 gaming tables and two painting work stations.  The normal table loadout is 2 tables used almost exclusively for Warhammer 40k, 1 table used for Warhammer Fantasy, and 1 table used for Flames of War or Warmachine.  Pictures of the interior can be seen below, followed by directions to the store.

Ork Town is run by a fantastic Korean/gaming fanatic named Jude who speaks perfect English and can help you with any questions you may have.  If you want to be brave and try and find Ork Town on your own, these direction may or may not hold the key to your salvation.

Ork Town is located in the Hongdae neighborhood of Seoul and can be reached by taking the Seoul Metro Subway Green Line (2) to Hongik University.  Once you find the correct subway stop, head to exit number 5 and start walking straight down the main street.  You will pass a VIPS restaurant and also a Paris Baquet.  Keep walking past the 7-11 until you reach a brown shop that sells Korean Hanbocks (tradional Korean clothing).  Once you reach that head left (the road is a utility road about the size of an ally) and you will soon pass a Mini Stop.  Keep walking straight until you see Ork Town on the right side of the road, above a Japanese-ish restaurant.  At this time it is directly across the street from a horrendous looking building that is still in its construction phases.  Thats it, included below are the Ork Town telephone number as well as a link to the Seoul Metro website.  Hope to see you at Ork Town soon!  Happy Hunting!

Ork Town Telephone (02)6402-5946

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Open Eyes said...

Hi Jason. My name is J.J. I am from Los Angeles but am currently living in Seoul. I live near Samgakji station, although I have been known to move around. I'm interested in playing Warhammer Fantasy Battles. I do not have any minis of my own, nor the main rulebook, although I could probably find it online.

Anyways, if you are looking for an English speaking opponent for WFB or other games, please get a hold of me.

My email is