Sunday, March 14, 2010

Meet a Korean..Gamer that is..Part 1 Christian's Brettonians

Hello to my reader (s) Jay Dub here in my first attempt to showcase some of the other armies floating around here in Korea.  First up is my friend Christian's Bretonnians.  They are excellently painted using a mixture of flat color and washes and really have a rugged, battle weary feel.  Christian likes to refer to his painting method as "speedy", though it doesn't seem to take away from the overal quality of the pieces. Look at the peasents' drab garments and you can really get a feel for the speed and skill in which he paints his armies. If anyone has any questions about how he got the colors to look the way they do just send me an email and I will pass the questions on to Christian.  Well, without further adeu I give you Christian's Frog Faced Surrender Monkeys!

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